Paintings For Sale

Paintings are one more addition to your list of investment options -Stocks, property, gold -! Also, you get the aesthetic benefit of having bought something that you enjoy. Our team of professional artists have created a pool of paintings and would be happy to create customized demands as per requirements.

We plan to offer all types of paintings at affordable prices -Some of our works below for sale, we plan to showcase the works through our upcoming art galleries.

Tanjore Paintings


The paintings are notable for their adornment in the form of semi-precious stones, pearls, glass pieces and gold. The rich vibrant colors, dashes of gold, semi-precious stones and fine artistic work are characteristics of these paintings. They add beauty and culture to a variety of surroundings and décor. The paintings are mostly of Gods and Goddesses -The figures in these paintings are large and the faces are round and divine.

various medium of paintings

Tanjore Painting

You can choose from a range of paintings created out of various mediums of paints, materials. Customized paintings can also be created.

Corporate Gifts

Any painting can be custom made or produced in bulk for corporate for any festivals/functions/ or special occasions.

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